A Thank-You Gift

Pre-ordering a book means a lot to an author. It shows your support for the creator and the work. It helps get the book into stores and generates buzz. So as a thank-you for this support, I'm giving away a pre-order thank-you gift.

This token of appreciation includes:
a bookmark
an enamel pin
a calendar poster
a door hanger
and a die-cut sticker (that's my favorite item!)

To receive this package, pre-order The World Ends in April by midnight on September 2nd (that's Labor Day) and fill out my Google Form. Gifts will be sent in September.

 Signed Books Available from Bookmarks

You can pre-order The World Ends in April from any retailer to receive the thank-you package, but I encourage everyone to buy from independent bookstores. My local indie is Bookmarks—a non-profit store with a mission to put books in the hands of kids across the county. If you’d like to order a personalized and signed copy of the novel, please contact them and they’ll make it happen!

Call: (336) 747-1471
E-mail: caleb@bookmarksnc.org
Website: https://www.bookmarksnc.org/book/9781524767617