Frequently Asked Questions about Author/School Visits

Do you get paid for author visits?
Yes, like most traditionally-published authors, I have a fee for my school visits.  I keep my rate reasonable and competitive. It covers not only my time to appear on the day of the event and ALL travel costs, but also the extensive preparation I do in advance to ensure a great experience for all. Information on pricing can be found here

Do you offer half-day author visits?
I do not. However, schools (within close proximity of each other) may split a full-day visit.

What grades are appropriate for an author visit?
Because I write pictures book, chapter books, and middle grade, I can present to students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Do you ever offer a discount or waive your fee?
To keep pricing fair, I do not offer discounts. I realize many schools are struggling financial. I see this first hand as a parent. But choosing which schools are more deserving of a discount is not something I want to evaluate.

How many students can attend your presentation?
That's up to the school. I'm comfortable speaking to twenty-five or one-thousand. The only limit is the size of the room. And ideally, kids will be grouped by grades such as K-2, 3-5, 6-8.

Do you require book sales with your visits?
No, however I’ve found students enjoy getting signed books. It’s a unique opportunity, and I encourage schools to offer books for presale  More information can be found on coordinating a book sale here.

How far in advance should I book an author visit?
I open up my calendar for the next school year every April. For example, I started booking author visits for the 2019-2020 school year in April 2019. I will keep accepting bookings through the year until my schedule is full, which is approximately 30-40 visits per year. Ideally, you want to book an author visit about 6 months out if you have a specific date.