Brave Kids - Meet Olivia

This is Olivia.


Olivia and I have something in common. A bit of apprehension when it comes to roller coasters. This story makes me giggle.

Here's what her mom shared.

I am nominating my daughter, Olivia. Last weekend she went to Bush Gardens with my parents. They called me to tell me that she was standing on the balcony of the hotel the night before and she looked out and said, “This is high, but I’m going to overcome my fears”. The next morning they went to the amusement park. She usually avoids the roller coasters and sits with my dad while my mom and other daughter go on the rides, but that day was different. They were deciding on whether they were going on a big roller coaster and Olivia wanted to ride! She said, “I have to overcome my fears.” She went on the ride and loved it! She went to my dad and told him he had to go on the ride because it “wasn’t that bad” and not to be a “scaredy cat” (he hates roller coasters). She convinced him to go and he still hates them, but they got a good laugh from the 7 year old as he put it “shaming him into almost having a heart attack”.

We could all be more like Olivia and say to ourselves, "I have to overcome my fears."