Brave Kids - Meet Ellie

Meet Ellie.


It's hard to be away from our loved ones, especially for young kids. Ellie and her mom know what this is like, and they've found ways to make it work.

Here's what mom had to say.

I want to nominate my six-year-old daughter, Ellie, as a Brave Kid. I am currently in an MFA program that requires me to leave my family and travel across the country for residencies twice a year. The separations are very hard on Ellie, but she handles them bravely. She writes me letters, draws pictures, and calls me on FaceTime during my breaks. She gets very sad during the separations, but she never asks me not to go because she knows Mom is out chasing dreams, just like I encourage her to chase her own.

Good luck to Ellie and mom as they chase their dreams.