A Thank-You Gift! Pre-ordering a book means a lot to an author. It shows your support for the creator and the work. It helps get the book into stores and generates buzz. So as a thank-you for this support, I'm giving away a pre-order thank-you gift.

This token of appreciation includes:

  • a bookmark

  • an enamel pin

  • a calendar poster

  • a door hanger

  • and a die-cut sticker (that's my favorite item!)

To receive this package, pre-order The World Ends in April by midnight on September 2nd (that's Labor Day) and fill out my Google Form. Gifts will be sent in September.

THE WORLD ENDS IN APRIL - It’s a Book, Not a Threat

Available for Pre-Order Now
Hits Shelves on September 3rd

Sometimes middle school is scarier than an asteroid.

Eleanor Dross knows a thing or two about the end of the world, thanks to a survivalist grandfather who stockpiles freeze-dried food and supplies--just in case. So when she reads about a Harvard scientist's prediction that an asteroid will strike Earth in April, Eleanor knows her family will be prepared. Her classmates? They're on their own! READ MORE

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HELLO! I'm Stacy McAnulty—a gummy-worm-eating, coffee-guzzling, zillion-ideas-a-minute children's book author. When I'm not writing, I'm reading, because I don't think there's anything better. Well... unless you pair reading with something else awesome like reading while lounging on a beach, or reading while eating glazed donuts, or reading while flying to Paris. (I'm not actually the one doing the flying. That would be the pilot.)

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